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Gum Grafting New Bern NC

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Feel Confident in Your Smile with Gum Recession Repair

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Gum Grafting Restores a Receded Gum Line

When gum recession occurs, the soft tissue pulls away from the tooth or implant structure and begins to wane from a healthy position. Gum grafting is a procedure Dr. Patrick McDonough uses to reverse gum recession, restoring your gum line to a more favorable level.

Grafted tissues effectively cover and protect

root or implant surfaces left exposed by recession, reducing oral risks like:

  • Root decay
  • Root damage or erosion
  • Loss of tooth structure
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Tooth loss
  • Exposed implant screws

The Benefits You Experience with Gum Recession Treatment

Enjoy a Balanced, Healthier Gum Line with Gum Grafting

Dr. McDonough performs gum grafts based on your specific needs, whether using your own tissue or that used from a donor. Either way, Dr. McDonough will retore your smile to a natural healthy state.

Recapture gum health and feel confident in your smile with effective, gentle gum recession treatment from Dr. McDonough.

Receding gums will not return to a healthy state on their own – please contact our office and reserve your gum grafting consultation today.

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